Study Carrel Policy

All library materials in your carrel must be properly checked out through circulation. No library books may be stored in carrel lockers. Reference books and other non-circulating items may not be kept in the carrel overnight. Library personnel inspect carrels regularly. All books must be kept on your desk or bookshelf with the call number visible. Staff members will remove unchecked books from carrels without prior notification. Repeated violation of these rules will result in permanent cancellation of carrel privileges and reassignment of the space to another student.

Carrel holders who are leaving New Orleans for a semester or longer must release their carrels during their absence. Upon return to Tulane, you may request a new assignment.

Carrel numbers 401-419 are shared. Since there is a much higher demand for carrels than there is space available, in order to accommodate as many students as possible, the Director of the Latin American Library may, without prior notification, assign a third individual to a carrel that is little used by one or both of the current assignees.

Carrel holders must renew their assignments every year at the beginning of the fall semester in the Latin American Library Office and H-TML Circulation. Failure to renew will result in loss of carrel space and its reassignment to another student.

The Latin American Library is not responsible for personal articles in the carrels during occupancy or after leaving. The Library will dispose of any books or personal belongings left in a carrel after a student has vacated the space. Keys must be returned at Circulation by the time this agreement expires or the deposit will be forfeited.

Decoration and personal belongings should be kept to a minimum. This is meant as a courtesy to your carrel-mate, to decrease damage to walls and to lessen the chance of theft.

Smoking is prohibited in the carrels as are food and drink.

Carrels are for reading and research only and are not intended to provide office space. Unauthorized students are not allowed in the carrel area nor are they allowed to store materials in the carrels.