Publication Request

The Latin American Library makes reproductions available for fair use purposes, but possession of such copies does not convey permission to publish.  If a user obtains a reproduction of Special Collections materials and later uses that reproduction in excess of fair use, the user may be liable for copyright infringement.  

If a user wishes to publish a reproduction of Special Collections materials, you will need to contact the Director of the Latin American Library via a Publication Request form in order to determine whether permission to publish Special Collections materials can and will be authorized.

No use, commercial, educational, academic or otherwise, will be authorized without written permission by the Director of the Latin American Library.  Permissions are decided on a case-by-case basis by the Director upon review of the submitted written request.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for a response.

Be sure to include the following information in your request:

  • Date of the request
  • Bibliographic information for your publication including the title of the work, author’s name, where and in what form the work will appear, publisher, place of publication, and anticipated publication date
  • URL (if applicable) for the publication
  • List of materials for which you are requesting permission to publish.  Please be specific as to identification:  author/title/date/call number (if applicable)/ collection name and number/folder number/image(s)
  • Your name and full contact information
  • If duplication of materials is required, please see our Duplication Policies & Services page

All publication permissions granted are limited licenses for one-time use only for the material specified in each request.  In order to support the Latin American Library’s considerable and ongoing preservation and management efforts for its collections, the LAL charges a use fee for publication of images of its materials.  Please see our Fee Schedule for more information.  A use fee will be additional to any requested or prior reproduction fees.

Approved permission requests will have a Publication Agreement drawn up that will be signed and dated by both the Director of the Latin American Library and the requestor.

Permissions granted do not imply that Tulane University's Latin American Library controls the copyright to all materials or that the requestor should not secure other authorizations prior to use.

Requestors citing or otherwise using materials from the Latin American Library will defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Latin American Library, Tulane University Libraries, and Tulane University, its officers, employees and agents against all claims, demands, costs and expenses including attorneys' fees incurred by copyright infringement or any other legal or regulatory cause of action arising from the use of Special Collections materials from the Latin American Library.