Fee Schedule & Formats for Reproductions

Please consult the LAL staff (LAL@tulane.edu or 504-865-5681) regarding duplication and image use requests. Some materials may be too fragile or too large for standard reproduction services or there may be legal restrictions that prevent reproduction services. Duplication requests will be assessed on an item-by-item basis; Use requests are decided on a case-by-case basis by the Director. A maximum number of 50 pages per request, please. The fees listed below do not include shipping & handling costs (see below). Pre-payment is required on all requests. Please allow a two week minimum to process requests.

Duplication Formats


Photocopies may be made in black & white or in color on letter size (8.5 x 11”), legal size (11 x 14”), and oversize (11 x 17”) copy paper.

Digital Images and PDF Files

Due to considerations of preservation and intellectual property rights, the Director of the Latin American Library and/or Curator of Special Collections will determine the feasibility of scanning or photographing all materials in the Special Collections to create digital surrogates. Please review copyright restrictions on our Duplication Policies & Services page . The library uses an Epson Expression 10000 XL large-format flatbed scanner or BookEye4 overhead scanner for digitization of its Special Collection materials. Derivative digital images in JPEG format are produced, generally at 400 dpi resolution, or materials may be delivered in pdf digital format as an economical alternative. Requests for higher resolution image files must be approved by the Director of the Latin American Library. 


Microfilm orders are filled by a commercial firm. Please contact us for estimates. The patron will pay for a negative and a positive and the Library will retain the negative.

Duplication Fees


Letter size 8.5 x 11": 40 cents/page
Legal size 11 x 14": 50 cents/page
Larger 11 x 17": 75 cents/page
Pdf letter size 8.5 x 11": $2.00/page

To these charges the following surcharges apply:
1-9 pages: none
10-25 pages: $2.00
26-50 pages: $3.50
Color photocopies add 20 cents/page

Digital files

$20 US per digital image file provided as a jpeg at 300 dpi in most cases Digital images can be delivered electronically via e-mail or Google Drive or they can be sent on a DVD disk for an additional US $5 charge plus shipping and handling (see below)

Shipping & Handling Costs

If digital images or photocopies are to be mailed, we will add a 15% postage and handling charge; or $3.00 minimum for domestic orders. There is a $10.00 minimum for international orders.

Use Fees


Commercial print/e-book:  publishers, businesses, individuals ** $100.00

Commercial multi-media and/or worldwide rights ** $250.00

Non-profit print/e-book:  businesses, government agencies, scholarly, small press  $30.00

Non-profit multi-media and/or worldwide rights  $100.00

Commercial print/online:  periodical or journal article  $75.00

Non-profit print/online:  periodical or journal article  $25.00

Unpublished report, thesis, or dissertation; newsprint article or book review $0 (no charge)

ADVERTISING, NON-EDITORIAL, BOOK COVERS (includes calendars, cards, etc.) (per image)

Commercial businesses  $300.00

Non-profit businesses, agencies, self-publishers  $150.00


Commercial businesses, individuals  $150.00

Commercial: multi-media or worldwide rights  $250.00

Non-profit businesses, agencies  $75.00

Non-profit: multi-media or worldwide rights  $100.00


Commercial businesses  $50.00

Non-profit agencies, individuals  $20.00

EXHIBITION USE (includes online versions of physical exhibits) (per image)

Commercial businesses  $125.00

Non-profit agencies  $25.00

RE-USE (e.g., subsequent edition, medium, language, etc.) 50% discounted from original charge

ONSITE FILMING (appointment required)  $300.00/hr minimum

SPECIAL USE (on request)

** Publications with very large press runs and/or high profile exposure may be subject to higher negotiated fees.