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 Friday, September 29 to Friday, March 2
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 Wednesday, October 18 to Saturday, September 1
LAL's 2017 Open House Exhibit
 Friday, September 29 to Friday, March 2


Student Research Photo Contest Exhibit

 Friday, September 23, 2016 to Tuesday, February 28, 2017

In Summer 2016, The Latin American Library invited students who conducted field research in Latin America and the Caribbean to submit photos for the Student Research Photo Contest. Students submitted an original photo accompanied by a short description of their research. Graduate and undergraduate students participated from the Anthropology, Latin American Studies,  Spanish & Portuguese and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Departments.

The winner was chosen at the Latin American Library's Open House by visiting photographer Viki Ospina.  Ana Maria Lopez,  master's candidate at the Stone Center for Latin American Studies, was awarded first place and a copy of the Cuban artist book Oficios para la hora de las sombras, written by Roberto Méndez and published by Ediciones Vigía.  Congrats Ana Maria! 

Viki Ospina spoke these words at the award ceremony: 

“La intención de la fotografía se expresa con claridad en esta fotografía a color con su intensidad cromático. Es una narración visual de un momento de su vida simbolizado en el juego de luz, sombras y diseños geométricos reflejados por la luz. Un pasado de tonos oscuros de deja atrás, a la espalda, y un horizonte de claros azules le dan la bienvenida a un presente pleno de sueños y esperanzas.  La imagen representa los sentimientos del fotógrafo al hacerla.” 

(The intention of this image is clearly expressed by the intense colors.  The play of light, shadows and geometric shape reflections tell the story.  The past is represented by darker tones in the background, while the bright blues on the horizon welcome the present, full of dreams and hopes.  The image portrays the photographer's feelings in that moment.)

Please stop by the Latin American Library to see the contest submissions.  They are on view as part of the LAL's Open House exhibit, at Howard Tilton-Memorial Library, fourth floor.

A big thanks to all of our contest partcipants!  


  • Vanessa Castañeda