Gabriel Ramón Joffré

Project: The Neo-Peruvian: The Politics of Pre-Colonial Symbols in the Urban Landscape (Lima 1900-1940) My project at the Latin American Library focuses on the artistic style known as Neo-Peruvianism from an interdisciplinary perspective.

 Beatriz Colombi

Project: Myths, Emblems and the Emergence of ‘criollo’ Culture of New Spain


 Elizabeth Kuon

Project: Incas e indios en la producción artística del Cuzco 1900-1950

 Luis Alberto Arrioja Díaz

Project: Liberalismo, pueblos de indios y tierras comunales en dos espacios del México poscolonial: Oaxaca y Michoacán, 1742-1860 (Liberalism, Indian Towns and Communal Lands in Two Spaces in Post-Colonial Mexico: Oaxaca and Michoacán, 1742-1860)

 Paulo Miguez

Project: Singularities and Differences among Latin American Carnivals, a comparative study of the economics and cultural politics of carnival in Latin America and New Orleans


 Luisa Campuzano

Project: Viajeros/as cubanos/as a Estados Unidos: siglo XIX / Nineteenth-Century Cuban Travelers to the United States

 Alfredo Prieto

Project: El ojo que te ve: visiones de la isla en la literatura cubano-americana / The Eye That Sees You: Visions of the Island in Cuban-American Literature

 Justo Miguel Flores Escalante

Project: Sovereignty and Exceptionality: The Integration of Yucatán and the Creation of Campeche Within the Mexican State, 1821-1857 / Soberanía y excepcionalidad: La integración de Yucatán y la creación de Campeche en el Estado Mexicano, 1821-1857

 Denise Pahl Schaan

Project: Placing the Geometric Enclosures within the History and Ethnography of Western Amazonia: A Tulane Latin American Library Research Project Abstract


 Tania Regina de Luca

Project: The Image of the Getúlio Vargas Government Through the Latin American Library's Collections, Tulane University