Lirio Gutiérrez Rivera

Fellowship Date

April 01, 2019 to May 31, 2019


Gendered Forms of Violence in Central American Migration: The Case of Female Asylum Seekers from Honduras / La violencia de género en la migración centroamericana: El caso de mujeres hondureñas solicitando asilo
A growing number Central American women flee and seek protection abroad due to intensifying violence. Anthropologists and sociologists of Central American migration have focused on the journey to
the U.S. and the difficulties of obtaining asylum, while overlooking gendered forms of violence linked to female migration. Through the examination of written declarations of Honduran women seeking asylum in the U.S. and interviews with immigration attorneys and NGO staff working on internal displacement in Honduras, this research investigates how global policies of crime and migration control produce gendered forms of violence in Honduras and the link between gender-based violence and migration.


Lirio Gutiérrez Rivera is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She studied Political Science at the Freie Universität Berlin and Anthropology at the Universidad de Los Andes-Colombia. Her research investigates urban violence, contemporary prisons, youth gangs, social mobility, and state responses to crime and violence in Latin America, particularly Honduras and Colombia. She is currently working on two research projects: the first explores gender and urban planning in Medellin, Colombia; the second is based on her work as an expert witness for Central Americans seeking asylum in the U.S. The latter explores the connections between different forms of violence experienced by women and contemporary migration in Central America. Her book, Territories of Violence: State, Marginal Youth, and Public Security, was published in 2013 with Palgrave.