Work in Progress Talk: Tania Regina de Luca

Thursday, February 12, 2009 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm
The Latin American Library
7001 Freret Street, 4th floor, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library

Work in Progress Talk by Greenleaf Fellow Tania Regina de Luca: Cultural Propaganda: The GetĂșlio Vargas Regime and U.S. Academic Library Collections (1930-1945)

The authoritarian regime of GetĂșlio Vargas in Brazil was a period in which anti-democratic practices dominated all facets of government, especially between 1937 and 1945. In an effort to control nearly all aspects of cultural production and political discourse, Vargas created the Department of Press and Propaganda (DIP) in 1939, whose mission was to censor information, intellectual production, cultural expression, and also promote the ideology of the regime. The Department was under the direct supervision of the President, and thus exerted a profound influence on public life during this period. However, the internal records and files of the DIP have never been found, thus hampering research into the internal workings of this important office. My project focuses on one aspect of the regime's propaganda and promotional efforts, namely the dissemination of published material outside of Brazil, specifically through publishing and promotional efforts to cultural institutions in the United States. In this way, I hope to piece together part of the history of the DIP. I examine holdings, acquisition histories of printed works published or sponsored by the DIP in key U.S. academic libraries, as well as the institutional history of Latin American studies collections and programs in university archives. 

This event was made possible through an endowment from Tulane Emeritus Professor Richard E. Greenleaf.