Work in Progress Talk: Inés Yujnovsky

Friday, March 10, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm
The Latin American Library
LAL Seminar Room The Latin American Library 7001 Freret Street, 4th floor, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library

Historical Representations of Time through Latin American Photography

Photography is not only a window to the past but also constitutes a medium for understanding representations of time itself.  Perceptions of temporality are always value-laden, and they are intimately linked to relationships of power—what a culture believes is worthy or not in a particular historical period.  In my presentation, I analyze photographs of various Latin American cities and people in the first half of the twentieth century from the Latin American Library Image Archive to focus on the ways in which these images reveal changing conceptions of temporality.  I will show how the photographic gaze of the period promoted spaces of modern consumerism and a futuristic present while denigrating people and places perceived as belonging to previous historical periods, such as the pre-Contact period and the Spanish colonial past.

Inés Yujnovsky holds a Ph.D in History from El Colegio de México.  Her research centers on photography and travel accounts from the turn of the nineteenth century and the 20th in Latin America. Of particular interest are images and representations of time, space and people of regions from the Southern Cone.  She has served as Dean of Photography at the Argentine School of Photography (EAF), and is currently a professor and researcher of Latin American history Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM) in Argentina.  She also directs a project on research and conservation of photography from Partido de San Martín, Province of Buenos Aires.  Among her publications are:  “Miradas, imágenes y recursos digitales académicos,” (Coordinator) Red-Historia, (2013)  She also served as invited editor of Dossier Nation and Representations, Memoria y Sociedad, vol. 28, Bogotá, (2010);  “Photographs of a Journey in Time to Tierra del Fuego”, Time Expanded, PhotoEspaña, La Fábrica, Madrid, (2010); “Libertad en la ley: el concepto de república en la Constitución Federal de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos de 1824” Jahrbuch für Geschichte Lateinamerikas (JbLA) Núm. 42, 2005.