Work in Progress Talk: Herman Byrd

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Work in Progress talk by Greenleaf Fellow Herman Byrd: Belize and the Central American Federation, 1821-1839

The copious literature on the territorial dispute between Guatemala and Belize focuses considerable attention on Guatemala 's mid-1940s declaration that its 1859 boundary treaty with Great Britain was “null and void.” However, recently Guatemala shifted the basis of its stance, arguing that half of Belize was an integral part of Verapaz and that, after 1821, Belize came under the jurisdiction of the Central American Federation and then later the Republic of Guatemala. Given that recent works have allotted little attention to the pre-1859 period, a study of the status of Belize in relation to the Federation is needed to fill a gap and shed light on Guatemala 's new contention.

After providing an update on the recent efforts to resolve the long-standing border dispute, Dr. Byrd will examine Guatemala's recent contention that Belize was a part of Verapaz and, by extension, the Audiencia of Guatemala, and review the relationship that developed between Belize and the Central American Federation.

Dr. Byrd has been an Assistant Professor of Belizean History and Education Studies at the University of Belize since 2005. Before that he served for many years as editor and then co-editor of Belizean Studies, the country's leading academic journal, and as an administrator at St. John's College.

This event was made possible through an endowment from Tulane Emeritus Professor Richard E. Greenleaf.