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Digital Collections

View the Latin American Library’s digital resources that include digital collections of over 1,700 images, individual digital items, and digitized materials from our Special Collections holdings.


Over 75 linear feet of rare print collectibles or ephemera are available for consultation at the Latin American Library and cover a range of themes including travel and tourism, art and art galleries, and politics from countries across Latin America and the Caribbean.

General Collections

The LAL general collections contain more than 510,000 volumes and over 600 current periodical subscriptions.

Image Archive

The Latin American Library's Image Archive, one of only a handful of such collections in the United States, holds over 110,500 individual images from virtually every country in Latin America and several in the Caribbean.


The Library has over 810 current periodical subscriptions and provides access to hundreds of electronic periodicals.

Manuscript Collections

The Latin American Library is the repository of more than 150 collections of manuscripts, dating from the early sixteenth-century to the present day. In all, the library holds over 4,211 linear feet of manuscripts.


The Latin American Library’s Maps Collection includes more than 4,000 maps and archaeological site drawings. Geographical areas represented most strongly are Mexico, Central America, Peru, and Brazil.


The Latin American Library has thousands of reels of microfilm containing newspapers, rare journals, monographs, and primary sources for research from around the world.  


The Latin American Library provides access to news sources from 22 countries in many formats, ranging from rare print copies of 18th century newspapers to electronic databases with full-text access to current news publications from around the region.

Rare Books

The Latin American Library houses over 14,500 titles of rare printed items that include rare books, journals, newspapers, broadsides, and pamphlets.

Special Collections

The holdings of the Latin American Library’s Special Collections total over 6,600 linear feet of material comprised of rare books and pamphlets, manuscript collections, maps, rare newspapers, and a growing Image Archive with close to 111,000 individual images.