María Dolores Espinosa

Coordinator of Serials and Gifts

María Dolores Espinosa
  • Name
    María Dolores Espinosa
  • Phone
    (504) 247-1766
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  • Department
    The Latin American Library

Primary Responsibilities

The Coordinator of Serials and Gifts is responsible for receiving and organizing LAL print serials, and can answer any questions regarding location and holdings of LAL journals and subscriptions.

About María Dolores Espinosa

María Dolores Espinosa joined the staff of the Latin American Library in March 2005. She received her licenciatura in Sociology from the Universidad Centroamericana in Managua, Nicaragua. She participated in research projects on education among peasant children and the influence of mass media on behavioral patterns among urban adults. In 1979 she worked for U.N.I.C.E.F. conducting research to determine educational levels of Nicaraguan children during the International Year of the Child. She has also volunteered with the Hispanic Apostolate and the Hispanic Youth Ministry working on adult literacy and, for several years, was a Member of the Board of the Nicaraguan Relief Fund, a non-profit organization.