Henle, Fritz, photographer (1909- ) "Mexican Studies" Collection

Call Number: Latin American Library Image Archive, Collection 24

The Fritz Henle Collection consists of 45 black and white 10 1/2" x 13" photographs of city and country scenes, Indians, workers, famous personages, archaeological sites and architecture of Mexico. See also the companion book, Mexico by Fritz Henle (F1215.H47), which includes this passage on the origin of the photographs: "In 1936 Henle saw Mexico for the first time and, impressed by the paradoxical country with its centuries-old cultures and its revolution into modernism, he started plans for this photographic essay. In 1943, at the invitation of the Mexican Government, he went back to do a photodocumentary job, a camera sketch book." - from preface by John R. Whiting.

Collection Inventory

1. Mexican tank commander.
2. Mexican sailor.
3. Mexican armory.
4. Worker in a munitions plant.
5. Mexican miners.
6. Mexican oil refinery, in Atzcapotzalco, near Mexico City.
7. Lombardo Toledano.
8. Children's Hospital.
9. High school.
10. Little boy from Coyoacán.
11. Little girl from Coyoacán.
12. Young charros.
13. Young shepherd.
14. Laundry day in Taxco.
15. Young mother.
16. Peasant from Michoacán.
17. Tortillas - the daily bread.
18. Textile plant.
19. Textile plant (Pure wool cloth is brought out to dry, Tillet Brothers shop in Cuernavaca).
20. Silversmith from Taxco.
21. Pottery from Iguala.
22. Taxco.
23. Mexico City - Avenida Madero.
24. National Palace, lighted in honor of the President's speech on "La Noche del Grito."
25. Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacán.
26. Convent Acolman.
27. The church of Los Remedios.
28. Landscape near Pachuca.
29. The valley of Toluca.
30. La Quebrada, Acapulco.
31. Dolores del Río.
32. Storm over Taxco.
33. Chavez, the conductor of the Mexican Symphony Orchestra.
34. Mexican minstrel.
35. Mariachis in Taxco.
36. Huasteca Indian girl.
37. Totonaca Indian girl from the Sierra Puebla, with embroidered shawl.
38. Stone statue at the National Museum.
39. Sculpture at the Pyramid of the Sun.
40. Diego Rivera.
41. Old woman from Iguala.
42. Nieves, model of Diego Rivera.
43. José Clemente Orozco.
44. A tepozán tree in the ruins of Taxco Hacienda.

cover photograph: Nieves, model of Diego Rivera.

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